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india olympics quiz questions

  1. In which edition of Olympics did India participated for the first time ever?     1900, Paris Olympic s 2. Name the athlete who won medals for India for the first time in Paris Olympics.     Norman Pritchard 3. When did India sent a team to the Olympics for the first time?     1920, Antwerp Olympics 4. When was Indian Olympics Association formed?      1927 5.Which country has won the most number of gold medals in Olympics hockey?     India 6. When did India won their first ever Olympics gold in hockey?      1928, Amsterdam Olympics 7. What is the medal tally of India in Olympics hockey?      8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze 8. Who has won the first individual medal for post Independent India?       K D Jadav 9. Which Indian Olympian is known as pocket dynamo?      K D Jadav 10. In which Olympics did India won their last Olympic gold in hockey?       Moscow Olympics, 1980 11. In which Olympics did K D Jadav won the Olympic Bronze medal for India?