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Top All Rounders in Cricket

  Top 7 All-rounders All-rounders are a group of multidimensional cricketers whom every team envy to have in their ranks. Unfortunately, there are not many of them whom we can genuinely account for in this group. In present days, most of the bowlers can bat a bit, and the team's tail is not too long. But that was not the condition in the 80s and the 90s, where the bowlers seldom got the capability to bat. In those situations, the all-rounders were an envied possession of many teams. Many all-rounders could bat and ball with the same charisma and viciousness. In this article, we try to mention some of the best all-rounders. 1. Ian Botham The former English captain is widely considered the greatest English all-rounder of all time. He was known for his aggressive batting and skillful swing bowling. Botham made his ODI debut against the mighty West Indies in 1976. The next year in 1977, he made his Test debut against Australia. Ian Botham made 5,200 runs from 102 Test matches at a