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Cricket in Olympics

Modern day cricket lovers may find it surprising that cricket was introduced in Olympics way back in 1900. The only cricket match in history of Olympics was played between France and Great Britain in 1900 at the Paris Olympics. Cricket was not much popular among the Europeans and there was not much interest among the participating nations for the sport. Eventually cricket was later avoided totally in the games due to less number of participants at that time. But now the situations have changed, and many countries are advocating the inclusion of cricket in Olympics. In 1900 Paris Olympics , there were two participants for the cricketing event, Great Britain and France. Britain managed a 158 run victory over France. The match began on 19th August, 1900. It was mutually accepted by the two captains to include 12 players in each team. Due to the inclusion of 12 players the match later failed to gain first class status. Batting first Britain made 117. Fredrick Cumming with 38, was the to